A. (Amna) Chaudhry

A. (Amna) Chaudhry


Most of my research experience is in the areas of traffic operations and safety, traffic simulation modelling, travel demand forecasting, and connected automated vehicles. My recent research work on European Union funded project LEVITATE (Societal Level Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles) encompassed various other areas of research including intelligent transport systems, shared mobility services, green light optimized speed advisory systems, traffic safety analysis through surrogate safety measures, parking management, modal split analysis through system dynamics modelling, and several others. I have contributed in a wide range of scientific research articles, reports and conference proceedings and disseminated the findings in peer-reviewed journals and international research forums.

Research Projects:

Predictive Approaches for Safer Urban Environment (PHOEBE) (European Union Project)

Societal Level Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles (LEVITATE) (European Union Project)

Timing Issues for Traffic Signals Interconnected with Highway-Railroad Grade Crossings (Michigan Department of Transportation Project, USA)

An Evaluation of Right-Turn-In/Right-Turn-Out Restrictions in Access Management (Michigan Department of Transportation Project, USA)

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