A. (Alex) López Alberola

A. (Alex) López Alberola


Alex López Alberola is a PhD researcher at the Organization and Governance section of the Technology, Policy, and Management faculty, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands. With a background in Sociology and Public Administration, he obtained a keen interest in how governance affect communities the last few years. His research interests include human ecology, infrastructure studies, climate change and adaptation, STS, environmental justice, social studies, environmental sociology, and (water) governance. As such, current focus lies with understanding the way governance decisions and strategy affects the adaptivity of individuals to environmental change in a technology and water-driven context.

His current academic pursuit is situated in the way innovative processes, both social and technological, intersect with communities struggling under societal and climatic change. This ultimately led to water-related problematics, as they are at the nexus of this area of investigation. He is currently working within the AGRICOAST project, researching adaptive governance dynamics of innovative adaptation to drought and salinization in coastal areas to find new effective transformative pathways for the future.

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