Dr.ir. A. (Alenka) Princic MSc

Dr.ir. A. (Alenka) Princic MSc




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Editorial Board member; July 2012 - present. Geoscience Data Journal, Wiley – www.geosciencedata.com

BELS – Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (member), USA


Currently I work at TU Delft Library as Head of Research Support. I make part of a team of eight enthusiastic individuals with a variety of expertise who aim at providing the researchers with a one-stop-shop for all their research-related support questions throughout all the stages of the research lifecycle. We do this by setting up a Research Support Portal integrating all relevant supports services in a primary research process.

I am, however, thus not a librarian. My background is rather different; I am a microbiologist. Back in the nineties I got inspired by the complexity of research questions and by a very enthusiastic microbiologist Joe Zelibor. Both he and Jim Tiedje guided me through my early research years at Michigan State University  - great place to do research, where cooperation was prevailing competition. And great results too: I found an ammonia-oxidizing bacterium that could proliferate under changing conditions of extremely high ammonia concentrations in wastewaters.

My research interests brought me to the Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie in Nieuwersluis (now in Wageningen, NL) and in 2002 to FEMS, the Federation of European Microbiological Societies, where I worked several years in a Publications Office for five scientific journals of FEMS. The latter was no research environment but very close to science, the scientists and publishers. As of 2009 I started yet another venture, as complex and challenging as the previous ones – the university library.

In my current role as Head of Research Support I am responsible for the development and the roll-out of the Research Support programme at TU Delft as well as for overall performance of the Research Support team, from content to HR, and finance. I like it here at the Library as my goal remains: Creative buzz & meaningful cooperation - wherever it is.

See my Curriculum vitae for details or check out my LinkedIn profile.


Research Support concept and strategy development
Research Support Portal
Research Support Internationalisation
scholarly publishing
scientific editing & editorial services
science communication & -promotion,
knowledge dissemination
microbiology, microbial ecology & molecular analysis
nitrifying bacterial communities
bacterial stress analysis
wastewater treatment plants

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