M.S. (Muhammad) Bin Ab Rahim

M.S. (Muhammad) Bin Ab Rahim



After graduating with his bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from the University of Technology Malaysia, Muhammad worked as an occupational safety and health officer in a governmental body in Malaysia since 2008. Besides, Muhammad also holds an MSc in Process Safety from the University of PETRONAS in 2018.


Muhammad's research envisioned developing an innovative, simplified and integrated approach to managing chemical safety and security-related risk factors in a unified framework. It will consider interlink indicators within occupational safety, process safety, and security risk domain that affect potential human fatalities, asset damages, economic impacts, and violations of societal values.


Muhammad Shah is a PhD candidate in the Safety and Security Science Group at the Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management. He works on the "Integrating Chemical Safety and Security Risk Management" project under Prof Dr Ir Genserik Reniers' and Dr Ming Yang's supervision.

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