Dr. A.R. (Amy) Thomas



Amy Thomas is Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. She is an architectural historian with research centred on the relationship between financial processes and the built environment. Her current research explores the history of corporate architecture and workplaces, the role played by commercial architects and developers, and the intersection of gender and workplace design. Her forthcoming book with MIT Press focuses on the post-war development of the City of London (London’s financial centre). Amy has published work in journals including The Journal of Architecture, Grey Room and ARCH+, as well as a number of edited volumes.  

In addition to her research and teaching, Amy is also an advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in architectural education and research, and has run various events at TU Delft on this theme. She served on the Management Team for the cross-faculty Delft Design for Values Institute 2018-2020, which led to the project 'Teaching Design for Values' (ongoing with Roberto Rocco and Maria Novas Ferradas), and is also an active member of the BauHow5 Alliance’s EDI group. In the latter she is currently working on a project to improve access to built environment education across Europe. 

Amy teaches across the BSc and MSc Architecture programmes and TU Delft on themes that include architecture and urbanism in the 19th and 20th century, the history of the architectural profession and architectural historiography, and the MSc thesis. She supervises several PhD students in the field of 20th century urban planning history.


Amy has a PhD in the History of Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL). Prior to TU Delft, she held the position of Harper-Schmidt Postdoctoral Fellow and Collegiate Assistant Professor in the Department of Art History at the University of Chicago 2015-2017. She has also taught at the Bartlett School of Architecture University College London, Queen Mary University of London, and Regents University London.


In 2020 Amy won the  NWO Veni Award (€250,000) for her project  'Her Office: a historical analysis of the role of gender in the design of corporate buildings and interiors, 1950-present'. Historically offices have been designed for men, often by men, yet little research exists on how workplace design affects workplace inequality. This architectural history research will explore how gender roles have been articulated in office design since 1950. It will analyse the extent to which women’s wellbeing, health, status and career progression have been affected by space management and design, furniture/product design, and the client-designer relationship. The project includes case studies in The Netherlands, the US and the UK.      

In 2020 Amy was also awarded the Paul  Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art Publication Grant (£8,500) towards the publication of her monograph Rebuilding the City of London: Architecture, Planning and Finance (1945-1993) with The MIT Press.

2020 - Architectural History Thesis
2019 - Delft Lectures on Architectural History and Theory
2019 - Delft Lectures on Architectural History and Theory
2020 - Design Studio: Architecture and Urbanism Beyond Oil
2020 - Delft Lectures on Architectural History and Theory
2019 - Adaptive Strategies Past, Present, Future: Topics in the History of Architecture and Urban Planning
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