Ir. B.F.H.J. (Britte) Bouchaut

Ir. B.F.H.J. (Britte) Bouchaut



Britte Bouchaut is a PhD-researcher at Delft University of Technology, studying how the Safe-by-Design approach could help engineers and researchers to anticipate uncertain risks during the design of biotechnologies responsibly. Her research focuses primarily on the field of biotechnology, but also encompasses synthetic biology and biochemistry. Her main research interests concern stakeholders’ perception of risk and safety, and how these influence the balance between different values (e.g., economic interests, sustainability, efficiency, safety) that are at stake during a biotechnology’s design process. Britte was trained as a chemical analyst, and obtained her master’s degree in Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology.


T-TRIPP: Tools for Translation of Risk Research into Policies and Practices. 
This project aims to contribute to a better translation between science and policy to enhance the responsible development of modern biotechnology. It hereby aims to integrate societal needs and objectives in the process in order to stimulate safe and responsible industrial biotechnology products. T-TRIPP develops two tools: a protocol for inherent safe design and a serious game for biosafety and biosecurity.

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