D. Pllumbi

D. Pllumbi


Dorina Pllumbi is an architect and a PhD Candidate at the Department of Architecture, TU Delft, Netherlands. Her work develops in the interstices of architecture, planning critical theory, and social urban anthropology. Her research interest focuses on studying practices of commoning as material and spatial engagement in realities of political transition. Through her work, she critically examines how these practices are influenced by the presence or absence of the state and market forces and the various challenges they face within the urban environment. By reflecting on the Albanian experience of political transition, she aims to contribute to the theory of the city as a commons, emphasizing the importance of kinship and proximity in community spaces. She has expanded her research on urban commoning by examining the transformation process of the NDSM Ship Wharf in Amsterdam North, specifically delving into the evolving role of the architect in engaging with commoning practices.

Dorina has practicing experience in several architectural and planning firms, as well as governmental agencies like the City of New York. 

Her writings have been featured in various cultural and professional media outlets, as well as academic journals.


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