Dr. D. (Daniele) Ragni

Dr. D. (Daniele) Ragni



Ongoing Funded Activities ( > 500kEUR)

Project title (single institution)

  • NWO OTP IPER‑MAN, Innovative Permeable Materials for Noise Reduction in Aircraft and Wind‑Turbines
  • TU Delft Aeroacoustic studies of vortex generators and Re scaling in closed wind‑tunnels
  • TU Delft noise reduction studies with serrated devices
  • NWO OTP THAMES Towards High-Reynolds Airfoil Self‑Noise Measurements

Project title (consortia)

ITN ZEPHYR, Towards a more efficient exploitation of on‑shore and urban wind‑energy resources

  • ITN SMART ANSWER, Smart Mitigation of Flow‑Induced Acourstic Radiation and Trasmission for Reduced Aircraft, surface Transport Workplaces and Wind Energy Noise
  • H2020 ENODISE, Enabling Optimized Disruptive Airframe‑Propulsion integration concepts
  • QuietSky H2020 call for boundary layer ingestion ARTEM‑project


My name is Daniele Ragni, I graduated in Thermo-Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Marche in 2007.   I obtained my Ph.D. in 2012 at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering in TU Delft and after that I joined the newly formed TU Delft AWEP Department at TU Delft in the combined sections of Wind Energy and Flight Performance and Propulsion.
Together with my colleagues Francesco Avallone and Damiano Casalino I founded the Aeroacoustic Team of TU Delft which now counts more than 30 enthusiastic researchers at the PhD, PostDoc and Assistant Professor level.  In the last few years, I have specialized in Aeroacoustics with a focus on fundamental physics and experimental applications.
I had the honor of getting funded the first grants in noise mitigation studies at TU Delft and together with my Francesco Avallone and Damiano Casalino we now carry on projects across wind energy and propulsion:

  •  rotor noise reduction including propellers, ducted fans, wind turbines blades and turbofan engines;
  • experimental measurement techniques for dense reconstruction of velocity fields with aeroacoustic applications;
  • active and passive turbulence modification devices for aeroacoustic purposes.

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