Dr.ir. D.S. Draganov

Dr.ir. D.S. Draganov





  • 2021-9

    Outstanding Educator Award

    given annually by SEG to honor individuals for excellence in geophysics education
    SEG Annual Meeting 2021

  • 2012

    VIDI grant

    Seismic Interferometry for High-Resolution/Cost-Effective Applications in Regional Seismology, Hydrocarbon Exploration and Art Preservation
    NWO VIDI grant

  • 2010

    J. Clarence Karcher Award

    Society of Exploration Geophysicists International Exposition and 80th Annual Meeting 2010, SEG 2010

  • 2007

    VENI grant

    Frontier exploration for oil and gas using seismic background noise
    NWO VENI grant

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