D.V. (Dmitry) Muravev

D.V. (Dmitry) Muravev


I am a PhD Candidate, working as a part of the AI DeMoS Lab. In my PhD project, I address how synthetic media, such as voice synthesis or deepfakes, shape human interrelations and trust. I am interested in researching how the proliferation of synthetic media is inducing changes in ethically and politically significant categories such as the face, authenticity, and evidence. As part of my project, I aim to propose media literacy strategies that account for the changing meanings of these notions in society. In doing so, the project interrogates how synthetic media can co-exist with democratic institutions. 


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  • 2022

    Doubt to be certain

    epistemological ambiguity of data in the case of grassroots mapping of traffic accidents in Russia
    Dmitry Muravyov