E.R. Turcios Rodriguez

E.R. Turcios Rodriguez



Elsa received her MSc in Management of Technology from TU Delft. Her master thesis focused on better understanding tracking cookies and what elements the E-Privacy Regulation should entail.

Also, Elsa has a bachelors in System Engineering. Prior to starting her PhD research, she was working as a consultant for the telecom sector in The Netherlands, and she worked as Network Engineer back in her home country. Also, she has experience in the online and content marketing industry.


In February 2019, Elsa has begun her PhD research at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. This PhD project aims to mitigate Internet of Things (IoT) distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks via Domain Name System (DNS). Elsa believes that  IoT technology is a game changer in our daily life. However, due to large volume of devices interconnected, it is important to understand the existing and emerging threats and how to mitigate them.


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