Dr.ir. E.T. (Ilse) Oosterlaken

Dr.ir. E.T. (Ilse) Oosterlaken



  • development ethics & global justice
  • capability approach
  • ethics of technology & value sensitive design
  • ethics & political philosophy
  • responsible innovation

About me / what I do

I'm a former academic researcher who is now providing all-round support to the TPM Department of Values, Technology & Innovation (VTI).

Current projects and assignments

  • Acting department manager of VTI
  • Managing editor for the journal Science & Engineering Ethics
  • Coordinator of a pilot for a new International Certificate Program in Responsible Innovation for PhD students
  • Maintenance of & content development for the website of the department, in collaboration with the TPM communication department
  • Communication advisor of the Delft Safety & Security Institute
  • Creation of infographics for the department and related projects / initiatives (on demand)
  • Development of WordPress websites for projects / initiatives that extend beyond TU Delft (on demand)
Completed projects and assignments
These include:
  • Ad-interim project manager Delft Design for Values Institute
  • Creation website for the new Digital Ethics Centre within the CMS of TU Delft
  • Coordinator & co-author study in the area of responsible digital innovation for the European Parliament
  • Development & coordination of a training program 'digital ethics by design' for professionals
I work part-time for the department, and combine this with freelance work for other scholars and universities.

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