E. (Eline) van der Kruk

E. (Eline) van der Kruk



Some of her projects:

2021 - 2025 NWO Veni: COMPensate: predicting mobility impairments

2020- 2026  Delft Technology Fellowship: Pushing the boundaries of human movement 

2018 - 2020 NWO Rubicon: Predicting mobility impairments in elderly people 

2013 - 2018 PhD: The optimal speed skating movement 


Biomechanics, Movement optimizations, Real-time feedback applications, Wearable measurement systems, Human motion capture, Neuromuscular simulations, Neuromechanics


Eline van der Kruk is an assistant professor (tenure track) at the department of Biomechanical Engineering at the faculty of 3me. Her research focusses on Biomechanical Optimizations in Daily life, Exercise, and Sports ( BODIES). Fascinated by the boundaries of human movement, she strives for excellence in research, education, and science communication.

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