F. (Federico) Pisanò PhD

F. (Federico) Pisanò PhD


Federico received BSc in Environmental Engineering (2005), MSc in Civil Engineering (2007) and PhD in Structural, Seismic and Geotechnical Engineering (2011) from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. In 2009, he joined as a visiting PhD student the Mathematical Modelling in Engineering group at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain. Upon earning the PhD degree, he was post-doctoral researcher at the departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (2011-2012, 2013-2014) and University of California Davis, USA (2012-2013). In November 2014 Federico was appointed by TU Delft as Assistant Professor of Offshore Soil Mechanics and joined both the sections of Geo-Engineering (Department of Geoscience and Engineering) and Offshore Engineering (Department of Hydraulic Engineering) in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CiTG).

Federico is active in the area of theoretical and computational Geomechanics, with focus on the solution complex non-linear problems. His current research is largely devoted to Offshore Geo-Engineering and includes:

  • dynamic soil-foudation interaction in offshore wind turbines
  • response of suction units to combined 3D loading
  • integrated modelling of soil-spudcan-jackup systems 

The above reserch activities are carried out alongside his previous scientific interests:

  • constitutive modelling of cyclically loaded soils
  • instability of rate-dependent geomaterials 
  • macroelement modelling of shallow foundations 
  • FE analysis of non-linear soil-structure interaction – application to shallow footings, piled raft foundations, and anchoring systems
  • seismic performance of earth slopes and triggering mechanisms for earthquake-induced landslides
  • numerical methods for wave propagation in both dry and water-saturated geomaterials

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  • 2022

    David Hislop Award

    The winner of this year’s David Hislop Award (also known as the Offshore award) is Frequency effects in the dynamic lateral stiffness of monopiles in sand: insight from field tests and 3D FE modelling, by Evangelos Kementzetzidis, Andrei V. Metrikine, Willem G. Versteijlen and Federico Pisanò.

  • 2019

    ISSMGE Europe Bright Spark Lecture award

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