Ir. G.A. van der Hoorn BSc



Gijs van der Hoorn is a researcher in the Robot Dynamics group of the Cognitive Robotics Department of the Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering faculty in Delft. He is also the Technical Lead Europe for the ROS-Industrial Consortium (RIC-EU) and member of the coordination team of the H2020 EU project ROSIN: ROS-Industrial Quality-Assured Robot Software Components. Furthermore, he sits on the board of the Smart Advanced Manufacturing XL research centre for composite manufacturing automation (SAM|XL) in Delft.

As a member of the ROS and ROS-Industrial communities he continuously works to further the adoption of open-source software in automation. Besides his technical duties as a maintainer of various software components he supports users by answering questions and solving problems.


  • Factory in a Day
  • ROS-Industrial Quality-Assured Software Components
  • CADC - Composite Automation Development Centre / SAMXL

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