Dr.ir. I. (Igor) Nikolic

Dr.ir. I. (Igor) Nikolic


I am an impact-driven, transdisciplinary and out-of-the-box system engineer, developing multi-models and participatory modelling processes in order to support stakeholders in strategic decision making under deep uncertainty.

My goal is to maximize the societal impact of my research by supporting decision makers in shaping the energy and resource transition in the industrial and infrastructure domains.

My approach centers on socio-technical modeling, drawing from Complex Adaptive Systems and evolutionary theory. I use Design Science and Action Research methodologies to ground my modelling methods and facilitate the transfer of knowledge from academia to practice. By doing so I improve the social learning processes of the involved stakeholders and facilitate the sustainability transition.

My ambition is to do relevant, fun and impactfull research, continuously striving for transformative societal impact and world-class scientific quality, while maintaining a sustainable balance between my personal and professional life.



Within the TPM graduate school, I have the role of the Neurodiversity and mental health mentor. Feel free to contact me via nmh-mentor-TPM@tudelft.nl 

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My research interests are focused on participatory multi-modelling for decision making under deep uncertainty. Most recent projects around this topics are :

  • JustETrans : Co-creating just and effective energy transitions: supporting decision-making through participatory multi-modelling. Funded by NWO KIC Energy Transition
  • multi-model.nl: Towards a national multi-modelling infrastructure for integral decision making for the energy transition,  funded by the Topsector Energy System Integration program. 
  • Infrarium: A cyber-physical serious game in a container and  a  modeular laboratory for decision making under uncertainty.
  • Gridmaster. Completed in November 2022 Developing and implementing a participatory multi-modelling under deep uncertainty method for robust adaptive  energy infrastructure investment planning in the Port of Rotterdam industrial complex.


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