J.H. Kwakkel J.H. Kwakkel



Jan Kwakkel is full professor of Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty. His research interest is model-based support for decision making under deep uncertainty. His research focuses on the developing and testing innovative model-based techniques for the design of dynamic adaptive policy pathways. Within this, he is particularly interested in how to bring moral considerations into the quantitative analysis. He has applied his research in a range of domains including climate adaptation, flood risk management, transport and logistics, resource economics, and national safety and security. He is the lead developer of an open source workbench for exploratory modeling, scenario discovery, and multi-objective robust optimization. Next to his research on decision making under deep uncertainty, Dr. Kwakkel also has an interested in text mining with a focus on analyzing scientific publications and patents.

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    Decision making under deep uncertainty
    Exploratory modeling
    Scenario discovery
    Robust decision making
    Adaptation pathways

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