Dr. J.J.E. Teuwen

Dr. J.J.E. Teuwen



Julie Teuwen obtained her BSc and MSc with honours at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Her interest and passion for the field of composite manufacturing was sparked by an internship as a graduate student at the Institute for Aerospace Research at the National Research Council in Canada. She decided to pursue a PhD in the field of liquid moulding of thermoplastic wind turbine blades at the research group Design & Production of Composites Structures at Delft University of Technology. After successfully defending her PhD, Julie worked as a materials and production process engineer at a wind turbine blade design and manufacturing company. Her work put her in close collaboration with innovative material suppliers, certification institutes, blade designers and blade manufacturing teams.

She is an associate professor at the department of Aerospace Structures and Materials within the faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of Technology since 2016. Her research focuses on circularity in wind turbine blade manufacturing. 


In my research I look at different circularity scenarios such as lifetime extension, resource efficiency and re-purposing. We want to use of circular materials which enable modular design for wind turbine blades, and the most optimal and optimised manufacturing technologies for the different sections of the blades, including minimal waste. My research approach is based on both experimental data and predictive simulations (analytical, numerical and stochastic models) to fully understand the phenomena at play.

My current research portfolio is structured to realise this vision through four main topic areas:

  • Optimisation methodologies of the manufacturing process of composite parts.
  • Understanding of the intimate contact development in laser assisted, automated fibre placement of thermoplastic composites.
  • Understanding of interphase formation between thermoset-thermoplastic resins for advanced joining processes or toughening of resin systems.
  • Understanding of erosion behaviour of the leading edge of wind turbine blades.

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