Dr. J. (Jovana) Jovanova

Dr. J. (Jovana) Jovanova



Large-scale acoustic/elastic metamaterials (mega-meta-structures) for maritime noise mitigation; Additive manufacturing of lattice Nitinol structures with tailorable mechanical  properties; Large-scale soft grasping robot with actively stimulated particles; Smart metamaterials inverse design with machine learning; Mechanically intelligent soft robot; Design of autonomous transshipment equipment  


Design of Large-scale Adaptive Meta-structures, Mechanisms and Machines; Smart materials integration; Compliant mechanisms; Soft robotics; 

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Dr. Jovana Jovanova is assistant professor in mechanical engineering at Delft University of Technology. Her research is focused on large-scale adaptive  metastructures, mechanisms and machines. Her fundamental research is focused on mechanically intelligent structures that utilize smart materials and large deformations for adaptation. She also develops model-based design frameworks for adaptive machines and large-scale soft robots. She explores analytical and numerical modelling of different domains interacting while integrated into a single system with desired response. Different design optimization approaches are applied for structures’ and machines’ performance improvement including shape optimization, machine learning, parametric and generative design. Jovana has established her Adaptive Metastructures, Mechanisms and Machines (JAM) Research Group, bringing concepts of compliant mechanisms, smart material integration, metamaterials, soft robotics and adaptive machines to the large-scale domain in maritime and transport technology.

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