M.J. (Madelaine) Ley

M.J. (Madelaine) Ley


Trained in philosophy and science and technology studies, Ley's primary research takes a feminist and care ethics approach to discourse on the future of work, focusing on workers' embodiment, emotions, and sociality. This work is done at AIRLab Delft alongside engineers working on robotics.

As a part of the TU Delft Vision Team Robotics, Ley worked across disciplines and with industry stakeholders to analyze the pressing issues of Future of Work in the Netherlands. Along with Tom Coggins, Ley started TPM's "Intersectional Feminist Philosophy of Technology" reading group to bring the language, concepts and methods of intersectional studies of technology to the faculty. In 2022, Ley was listed as "100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics".

More broadly, Ley's research explores how humans connect with one another through exchanges of questioning, listening, and acting. This academic work is shaped by over a decade experience working with a Toronto charity that fostered long-term friendships between people of differing social, economic and health backgrounds. In this capacity, she led workshops on deep listening and agenda-free presence.

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