M.J. (Marta) Ribeiro

M.J. (Marta) Ribeiro



  • Congestion Management
  • Flight planning and fuel efficiency
  • Urban Air Mobility Integration
  • Application of artificial intelligence/machine learning techniques in aviation
For all publications:
Link to  pure: https://www.research.tudelft.nl/en/persons/mj-ribeiro
Link to  google scholar: https://www.scholar.google.com/citations?user=5LvOlr0AAAAJ&hl=en
Link to  researchgate: www.researchgate.net/profile/Marta-Ribeiro-10


  • 1st Place at EUROCONTROL's Innovation Masterclass Competition "Conflict Resolution with Reinforcement Learning"
  • Best Paper at International Conference on Research in Air Transportation (2022) in the Safety Section for the paper "Improving Safety of Vertical Manoeuvres in a Layered Airspace with Deep Reinforcement Learning"


Marta is originally from Portugal, where she studied Aerospace Engineer at Instituto Superior Técnico. After completing her Master in Avionics, Marta worked at Portugália Airlines as an Operations Engineer, and later at Simteq developing simulators for pilot Training, and at CGI developing on the Galileo Project for ESA. In early 2023, Marta completed her PhD at TUDelft entitled "Conflict Resolution at High Traffic Densities with Reinforcement Learning". Marta is current an Assistant Professor at Air Transport and Operations. Her research focusses on employing artificial intelligence/machine learning to optimize operations in aviation. 


Title:  Colossus (https://colossus-sos-project.eu/)
Description: the expected outcomes of COLOSSUS provide Europe’s aviation sector with the platform to develop new and breakthrough product and technology in a holistic system-of-systems approach.

Past projects:

Title:  AW-Drones (www.aw-drones.eu)
Description: AW-Drones supports the rulemaking process for the definition of rules, technical standards and procedures for civilian drones to enable safe and reliable operations in the European Union. 

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