M. (Marcus) Westberg

M. (Marcus) Westberg



I obtained my Ph.D. in Philosophy of Mind at Oxford Brookes University where my research revolved around paths of compatibility between world-involving perspectives on cognition and traditional computationalism. From there, I worked for two years as a Postdoc at Umeå University's Department of Computing Science where I began my interest in Explainable AI. 

At TU Delft, I am acting as project manager for the SPATIAL H2020 project which launched in 2021. This project concerns itself with addressing data security issues in distributed systems based involving AI black-boxes. Our goal is to design and develop resilient accountable metrics, privacy-preserving methods, verification tools and system solutions to serve as critical building blocks for trustworthy AI in ICT systems and cybersecurity.


  • SPATIAL H2020: Trustworthy, transparent and explainable AI for cybersecurity solutions


My current research interests lie in examining the relationship between the human mind and AI-embedded environments. In particular, how the offloading of cognitive responsibilities onto AI systems in our environment affects human autonomy and agency, and in what ways digital entanglement can be designed in order to empower rather than modulate end user behaviour. From this also comes an interest in the ethical issues (both applied and theoretical) surrounding trustworthy AI and the bond between individuals and IoT/sensor devices.

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