Dr. R. (Ryoichi) Ishihara

Dr. R. (Ryoichi) Ishihara


Ryoichi Ishihara (1967) is an associate professor in Electrical Engineering, specialized in thin-film material, devices and 3D integration. 

Highlights of Ishihara’s career include the first demonstration of TFTs inside large Si grain (1996), the location- and orientation-control of Si crystals (2000, 2006) by laser crystallization, the monolithic 3D-IC using single-grain TFTs (2008), the ultra-high mobility Ge TFTs (2010), and carbon nanotube vertical interconnect via’s (2013), and the first solution processed flexible Si TFTs on a plastic (2013).

His current focus is on fabrication of scalable qubit and advanced packaging technology for integration of qubit in diamond for quantum computer and sensors, and also fabrication of printed transistors and memristors for neuromorphic computer 

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My research interest lies primarily in developing 3D integration of quantum bit (qubit) and electronic/photonic circuits for quantum computers and sensors.

The team that I lead develops on-chip integration of electronic and photonics circuits with qubit based on diamond for faster and high fidelity generation, manipulation and detection of large-scale integrated quantum states of spins in a compact overall system.

The team also develops printed thin-film transistor technology using liquid silicon for neuromorphic computing.


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Ishihara received the PhD in Physical Electronics from Tokyo Institute of Technology (1996). After moving to TU Delft in the same year, he has established new activity of large area electronics using thin-film transistors (TFTs). 

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