Prof.dr. R.R. (Rudy) Negenborn

Prof.dr. R.R. (Rudy) Negenborn


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Currently, prof.dr. Negenborn's focus is on (real-time/operational) control for improving the coordination inside and among transport hubs.
In addition, he has extensive experience in control of water infrastructures and smart grid energy systems.


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    Prof.dr. Rudy Negenborn is full professor "Multi-Machine Operations & Logistics" at TU Delft within the Department of Marine and Transport Technology, 3mE, TU Delft. His more fundamental research interests are in the areas of distributed control, multi-agent systems, model predictive control, and optimization. He applies the developed theories to address control problems in large-scale transportation and logistic systems.

    Rudy Negenborn received the MSc degree in computer science from Utrecht University in 2003, and the PhD degree from the Delft Center for Systems and Control of Delft University of Technology in 2007. The research of his PhD project involved multi-agent model predictive control with applications to transport networks in general and power networks in particular. After finishing his PhD project, Rudy was appointed as post-doctoral researcher in Delft, at the same center for systems and control, performing research on control of large-scale water networks. In addition, he edited the book Intelligent Infrastructures, Distributed Model Predictive Control Made Easy (2014), and Transport Of Water versus Transport Over Water (2015), and obtained an NWO/STW VENI grant and several other research grants from 2010 onwards.

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