Dr.ir. R. (Roelof) Vos

Dr.ir. R. (Roelof) Vos



Dr. Roelof Vos is Assistant Professor at the Aerospace Engineering Faculty of Delft University of Technology. His research focuses on the development of aircraft analysis methodologies for the conceptual design phase, the design of new aircraft configurations, and the assessment of emerging aviation technologies.  He teaches courses on aircraft design, aerodynamic design of transport aircraft, and aerodynamic design of combat aircraft. He also teaches a short courses on  Aerodynamic Design and Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Design. He is author of the textbook "Introduction to Transonic Aerodynamics." Furthermore, he has published 15 articles in peer-reviewed journals and over 50 conference papers. He has worked on various projects funded by the European Commission, NWO, and through public-private partnerships. Vos is an Associate Fellow of AIAA and Secretary of the AIAA Aircraft Design Technical committee. He holds a BSc degree in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology which he received in 2004 and an MSc degree, which he received with honors in 2005. Vos obtained his PhD degree from the University of Kansas in 2009 under sponsorship of the Fulbright Program.


  • IMECHE Kenneth Harris James Prize (2014) 
  • SAGE Best Paper Prize (2014)
  • AIAA Undergraduate  Individual Aircraft Design Competition Award (2014)
  • AIAA Graduate Team Aircraft Design Competition Award (2014)
  • AIAA Undergraduate  Individual Aircraft Design Competition Award (2013)
  • AIAA Undergraduate  Individual Aircraft Design Competition Award (2012)
  • Abe M. Zarem Award for Distinguished Achievement in Aeronautics (2007)
  • Wallace S. Strobel Scholarship (2006 - 2007)
  • Goldsmith Graduate Research Fellowship / Goldsmith Graduate Tuition Scholarship (2006 - 2008)
  • Fulbright Fellowship (2006)
  • Pegasus/AIAA European Student Conference (2006)
  • VSBfonds Grant (2005)
  • Universiteitstfonds Delft (UfD), Best Aerospace Graduate 2004/2005 Award (2005)


Dr. Vos is an Assistant Professor at the chair of Flight Performance and Propulsion. He specializes in the assessment of new aviation technologies and aircraft configurations that enable more fuel-efficient air transport. To support this, he develops dedicated software that enables the assessment of new technologies with respect to important aircraft characteristics such as fuel consumption, aircraft weight, and aerodynamic efficiency. This has resulted in the Aircraft Design Initiator, an automated aircraft synthesis program that is used throughout numerous externally-funded projects. By continuously adapting this program it can be used to assess the impact of new aviation technologies on. Technologies that have recently been studied with this program include: hybrid-electric propulsion systems, maneuver-load alleviation through wing movables, and  liquefied natural gas as fuel. Furthermore, aircraft configurations with tail-mounted propellers, blended-wing bodies, and a propulsive empennage have been studied. A completely new aircraft configuration for long-haul travel, the so-called Flying V, has recently been studied in terms of aerodynamic performance (CFD an wind tunnel tests), cabin design, and structural weight.


The Smart Flying-V (2021-2025)

  • Funding mechanism: internal funding from Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
  • Title: The Smart Flying-V
  • Consortium: Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (AWEP/FPP, ASM/ASCM and ASM/SIC)
  • Funding for TUD: 1.060M€
  • Role: Co-PI
  • Tasks: Structural design and assessment of Flying-V and Smart-X technology integration in scaled flight testing article.

ARENA - (A)i(R)borne (EN)ergy H(A)rvesting (2020-2024)

  • Funding mechanism: Funding agency: NWO, TTW under the Open Technology Program
  • Title: Waste Heat Recovery Systems for More Electric Aircraft
  • Consortium: TUD/FPP, Aeronamic, Airbus, SAFRAN, MTU, AKG
  • Funding for TUD: 1.3M€
  • Role: Co-PI
  • Tasks: Assessment of a new waste-heat recovery technology on aircraft performance metrics.

GLOWOPT Global Warming Optimized Aircraft Design (2019-2022)

  • Funding mechanism: CleanSky II Thematic Topic
  • Title: Global Warming Optimized Aircraft Design
  • Consortium: AE/FPP, AE/ANCE, TUHH
  • Funding for TUD: 580k€ (290k€ for FPP)
  • Role: PI
  • Tasks: Numerical investigation to conceive a subsonic transport aircraft for minimum global-warming impact and to assess its flight performance.

Flying V (2019-2020)

  • Funding mechanism: direct funding from KLM
  • Title: KLM en TU Delft als gewezen en toekomstig luchtvaartpioniers
  • Consortium: TUD/AE/AWEP/FPP, TUD/IDE
  • Funding: 655k€ (435k€ for FPP)
  • Role: PI
  • Tasks: Experimental assessment on a new aircraft configuration through scaled flight testing; program management; dissemination of results

Dronesnapper (2019-2020)

Funding mechanism: third money stream

Title: Dronesnapper

  • Consortium: Modular Marine, TUD/AE/AWEP/FPP, Tminus
  • Fuding: 102 k€
  • Role: PI
  • Tasks: Design, manufacturing and wind tunnel testing of an interceptor drone of less than 5kg.

NEDEFA  Novel Electrically Driven ECS For Aircraft (2019-2023)

  • Funding agency: NWO, TTW under the Open Technology Program
  • Title: Novel Electrically Driven Environmental Control System for Aircraft
  • Consortium: TUD, Aeronamic, 3M, VITO, Asimptote
  • Funding: 1.2 M€; 950 k€ from TTW, 209 k€ from Aeronamic plus 275 k€ in-kind from other partners
  • Role: Co-PI
  • Tasks: Assessment of the effect of a new ECS system aircraft key performance indicators

MANTA (2016-2023)

  • Cleansky II project. Funding provided by the Joint Undertaking of the European Commission
  • Title: Next Generation Movables for High Speed Aircraft
  • Funding for TUD: 886k€
  • Role: principal investigator for TUD
  • Tasks: Assessment of three new technologies on aircraft level, design of an adaptive air inlet
NOVAIR (2016-2023)
  • Cleansky II project. Funding provided by the Joint Undertaking of the European Commission
  • Title: Novel Aircraft Configurations and Scaled Flight Testing Instrumentation
  • Total funding: 2.19M€
  • Role: co-investigator for TUD
  • Tasks: Design and analysis of hybrid-electric aircraft configuration
IRON (2016-2023)
  • Cleansky II project. Funding provided by the Joint Undertaking of the European Commission
  • Title: Innovative Turboprop Configuration
  • Funding: 290k€
  • Role: principal investigator for TUD
  • Tasks: Aerodynamic analysis and design of wing and empennage

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  • 2019-12-17

    NWO Open Technology Program Grant

    Prof. Colonna, voorzitter van de onderzoeksgroep Propulsion and Power, en zijn collega’s Dr. De Servi, Dr. Pini en Dr. Vos hebben een NWO Open Technology Program Grant van € 1.300.000 ontvangen voor het onderzoeksproject "Waste Heat Recovery Systems for More Electric Aircraft". Het doel van dit programma is het ontwikkelen van een baanbrekende technologie voor de terugwinning van restwarmte die de brandstofefficiëntie van vliegtuigen sterk zal verhogen, namelijk ultralichte organic Rankine cycle (ORC) power systems.

    Twee toepassingen maken deel uit van het onderzoek. Een kan eerder op de markt worden gebracht, namelijk een auxiliary power unit (APU) op basis van gasturbines met ORC-restwarmte-terugwinning die alle benodigde elektrische energie tijdens de vlucht levert met een zeer hoog rendement. Voor de wat verdere toekomst wordt gekeken naar turbofanmotor met gecombineerde cyclus. Het team zal nieuwe stroom- en motorconfiguraties bestuderen die radicaal nieuwe ontwerpen voor zowel turbomachinerie als warmtewisselaarcomponenten toepassen.

  • 2019-1-9

    AIAA Associate Fellow

    “Associate Fellows” shall be persons who have accomplished or been in charge of important engineering or scientific work, or who have done original work of outstanding merit, or who have otherwise made outstanding contributions to the arts, sciences, or technology of aeronautics or astronautics.” [AIAA Constitution 3.2]

  • 2018-9-6

    Class of 2019 Associate Fellows

    Each year, current AIAA Associate Fellows recognize the hard work, commitment, and innovative spirit of their colleagues and make them one of their own," said Dan Dumbacher, AIAA executive director. "AIAA Associate Fellows, as a group, are committed to pushing boundaries and testing new theories, resulting in the best ideas that can help transform aerospace across industry, academia, and government."

  • 2018-6-26

    2017/2018 AIAA Aircraft Design Best Paper Award

    Awarded to the best aircraft design paper presented at AVIATION 2017 and SCITECH 2018. Voted by the 47 members of the AIAA Aircraft Design Technical Committee based on originality, technical rigor, and quality of communication.
    18th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference, 2018

  • 2015-11-10

    IMECHE Kenneth Harris James Prize

    A prize to be awarded for the best paper on an aerospace subject published by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the previous year or for a contribution or for achievement in that field. For “Conceptual design and analysis of blended-wing-body aircraft” by Jorrit van Dommelen & Roelof Vos

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