S.F. (Syafira Fitri) Auliya

S.F. (Syafira Fitri) Auliya



She is currently working on the interrelation between privacy, democracy, and Artificial Intelligent (AI). She addresses that the advance in AI is a double-edged sword, and the biggest social cost of AI possibly is the erosion of trust in democracy. Meanwhile, the prerequisite of democracy, as well as the sub-values of democracy that become at risk in this age of AI, is privacy.   
She wants to shed light on how we talk about AI and have a more positive outlook on the potential of AI when the value of democracy and privacy are considered. Precisely, she would propose the use of adversarial machine learning to 'fool' other malicious AI systems in these areas. She is especially exploring the conceptual, empirical, and technical details to uphold voters' privacy and their deliberate decision making in this age of AI using individual data from social media.


Syafira Fitri Auliya is a PhD Candidate in the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section. She received her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, in 2015. She got her M.Sc. in Science and Technology in Society from the University of Edinburgh, the UK, in 2017 and her M.Eng in Pervasive Intelligence from Gadjah Mada University in 2021. Previously, she had working experiences in the academic, governance, and consultancy sectors. Her areas of interest are privacy and artificial intelligence. (  Google Scholar)

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