Dr.ing. T. Konstantinou MSc



Dr.Ing Thaleia Konstantinou is an Assistant professor at the chair of “Building Product Innovation”, in the Department of Architectural Engineering and Technology of Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.  She studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. Since 2006, she has been a certified architect as a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. 
In 2008, she graduated with distinction from the Master of Science programme on Environmental Design and Engineering at The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London. During and after her studies, she has worked as an architect in greek and international practices. 
In September 2014 she concluded her PhD research at the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. Her research on the topic of façade refurbishment strategies was part of the research programme “Green Building Innovation”.
Currently, her activities are related to research and education, focussing on energy efficiency, circularity, façade design and constructions, industrialisation and product development, working on integrated approached for the decarbonisation of the built environment. Some of the projects that she actively participates are the research project "2ndSkin", a national and European co-funded project aiming at the design, construction and monitoring of a refurbished apartment prototype and the project "Beyond the Current: user preference tested design solutions for energy-efficient housing renovation" and COST Action TU1403 “ADAPTIVE FACADES NETWORK.” Moreover, she is a trainer of the online course “Circular Economy for a Sustainable Built Environment” and a member of the faculty’s cross-over research Themes “Circular Built Environment” Hub and the “1M Homes” initiative. She is the author of several scientific publications, books and book chapters, such as Facade Refurbishment Toolbox: Supporting the Design of Residential Energy Upgrades. (PhD), where she developed a tool to support the decision making of renovations, the chapter “Sustainable Refurbishment for an Adaptable Built Environment” and “The total cost of living in relation to energy efficiency upgrades in the Dutch, multi-residential building stock.”


Energy-efficiency, residential buildings, renovation, energy transition, circularity, façade design, industrialisation, building products

2020 - Research and Innovations
2020 - Research and Innovations