Dr.ir. T.M.J. (Tim) Nijssen

Dr.ir. T.M.J. (Tim) Nijssen


Tim's research is focused on the thermodynamics and hydrodynamics of CO2 capture and conversion processes. Carbon capture will form a vital part of our route to net-zero greenhouse gas emmissions. The hydrodynamics, mass transfer, heat transfer, and chemical phenomena which lie at the heart of carbon capture and conversion processes are often ill-understood due to their complex and coupled nature. Tim uses detailed experiments and numerical models to understand these fundamentals, and applies this knowledge to develop, scale up and improve these processes.


Tim's primary focus is on direct carbon capture from air and seawater for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).

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Tim M.J. Nijssen is an assistant professor within the department of Process & Energy of the Delft University of Technology (Delft, The Netherlands). He has an MSc. degree in Chemical Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology. In 2021, he obtained a PhD degree from the same department, with a dissertation titled "Dynamic behaviour of liquid-solid systems: modelling and experiments applied to the blast furnace". He then joined the Delft University of Technology as a postdoc in the Biotechnology department, working on the hydrodynamics of expanded bed purification of proteins. In 2023, he joined the Process&Energy department as assistant professor, to work on carbon capture processes.

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