Dr. W.W. (Wijnand) Veeneman

Dr. W.W. (Wijnand) Veeneman


Researching and designing governance in infrastructure environments, mostly mobility related. My key work is on designing, contracting, and managing for public and shared transport services and the related infrastructures, like railway lines, transport hubs, etc. Managing complex infrastructure projects is part of that focus. Recently, the focus is more on the added complexity of cross-sectoral projects, like energy and transport, or road and rail, in the context of the major transitions we go through. 

I work directly with government agencies and operators in advising them on contracting of services and infrastructures. I position myself as sectoral expert in public transport, encompassing traveler, operator, and government perspectives to design effective governance and institutional interventions. I have a strong position in the global research community on this topic. 

I work transdisciplinary. Engineering, economics, public administration, organisational science, travel behaviour, urban planning, decision making, all play a major role when understanding the effectiveness of mobility systems. All these disciplines point at key mechanisms that explain the outcomes of a mobility system for its society. Tying these mechanisms together into feasable and integrated interventions in the transport sector is my main strength.

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