Faculty Student Council

Name & function:

Bart Meenderman Chair
Ruth Vraka Secretary
Lucille Guda Commissioner of Bachelor Education
Igor Pszcsólkowski Commissioner of Master Education
Simonas Strasunskas Commissioner of Facilities & Sustainability
Gijs Lagerweij Commissioner of Communication


What do we do?

The Faculty Student Council (FSC) is a group of six students who are elected each spring by the faculty’s students. We serve as the representation of students to the faculty of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft; in other words, we represent students' interests and provide valued input in the decision making of the faculty. This is done by actively monitoring our students' well-being, complaints and/or questions regarding examination regulations, and by gathering their questions and suggestions.

Beyond our weekly meetings between ourselves, we also have a monthly meeting with the Dean of our faculty and Head Education & Student Affairs. During this meeting, we discuss education and services at the faculty. We are also informed on important changes and developments in the educational program and long-term plans of our faculty, and provide valued input about these plans in the interest of all aerospace engineering students.