Corporate Entrepreneurship and Startups


In Corporate Entrepreneurship and Startups we focus on the interactions between large corporates and new startup ventures. This includes internal business venturing, external startup engagement, corporate venture capital industry, incubators and accelerators. Large established organisations recognize the need to renew themselves by adopting new technologies and new business models. These new technologies and business models come with considerable risk and require a completely different management approach as compared to running an existing business. Hence, we focus on different structures and strategies that large established firms use to engage with start-ups. You will develop knowledge and skills to analyse strategic corporate venturing situations and design the appropriate solutions from both the perspective of established firms and start-ups. You will further deepen yourself into the role of university technology transfer, spin-offs, incubators and venture capital industry in the interactions between startups and established firms.

What to expect?

In the class we discuss various theoretical models to better understand how established firms renew themselves and specifically by focusing on the role of startups. Using case studies we discuss the models and apply them on practical cases. You will work in a team to present in one of the lectures your analyses of a company case. The course concludes with a deeper analyses of the corporate startup engagement strategy of an existing firm of your interest. You will explore and reflect on their strategies and in an individual assignment you will analyse a specific case of startup engagement for this corporate firm. 

Enrollment Requirements

This is a free elective course open to all master students. Please enroll through Brightspace before the end of the first Quarter. E-mail the instructor if you have any further questions.  

Cours code/Size
TPM406 / 5 ECTS


Day (Class Hours) 
Mon (3rd & 4th ) ; Wed (5th & 6th)

Dr. Victor Scholten