Technology Based Marketing and Sales


What to expect?

The course will enable you to gain deeper knowledge in a specialized aspect of technology business development: marketing.

New technology businesses are a cornerstone of a dynamic economy. However, due to sheer uncertainty (both technical and market) as well as long development cycles, the prospect of starting a new technology business seems daunting and requires a unique approach and specific knowledge.

Such trends combined with the rise of importance of networks (including shifts in power relations within those networks), innovations in digital communication and methodologies makes for a new orientation on how to create, shelter and capture your communicated value proposition. This course will support you with this challenge.


* Creating a competitive advantage with your product and your activity system.
* Selecting market opportunities & strategic direction.
* Choosing a target market for your offering.
* Market research: types of research, Qualitative research.
* Detecting weak points in the competition's offering & sheltering your own proposition.
* Capturing your value proposition: coopetition & PARTS.
* Communication, especially sales processes.
* Marketing metrics and GANTT planning.

Enrolment / Application

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Cours code/Size
TPM407B / 5 ECTS


Day (Class Hours)

Dr. T.L. Dolkens
Dr. A. Giga V.E. Scholten