Lecturing Activities

  • Eric developed a sequence of methodology and data analyses courses in the Bachelors program 'Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management':
    • an introductory course in social science methodology and data analyses.
    • a learning project, in which students learn to conduct a social research project.
    • a multivariate data analyses course (regression analysis, conjoint analysis, factor analysis and structural equation modeling). studiegids - spm2330
    • an introduction in stated choice experiments and discrete choice modeling. studiegids - spm3610
  • Currently Eric teaches the latter two courses. Furthermore, he is involved in supervising many Bachelor, Master, and PhD. theses projects.
  • Eric teaches a course on 'socioeconomic statistical analyses' in the International Master program of Integrated Planning for Rural Development and Environmental Management at Zaragoza, Spain.
  • Eric received twice a teachers award from the faculties' student organization Curius, once for the teacher with the best lecture slides and once for having the best Blackboard Pages. His courses are among the best student evaluated faculty courses.