Studying in a wider context

The department Engineering Systems and Services provides education at the Bachelor’s (TB) and Master’s (CoSEM, EPA, MOT) level, including the virtual Masters and MOOC’s.

The department focuses above all on designing large-scale systems in a multi-actor environment. This inevitably involves dealing with parties with conflicting interests. However, this is one of the things which make working in this kind of environment such an interesting challenge. This also applies to the multidisciplinary nature of our courses.

After all, it is not only the technical side of things that determines whether or not a new technology is worth developing or implementing. Financial considerations and legal frameworks also play a crucial role, as do economic and social perspectives. This provides our students with a wide range of courses in a wide and socially interesting context.

Graduation supervision

Please see the TPM Graduation portal for information about choosing electives and the graduation procedure. You can also contact one of the supervisors of the department of Engineering Systems and Services for more information about graduation projects, or contact the graduation coordinator in case of general questions.