Graduation coordinators




Graduation Coordinator

Economy of Technology and Innovation (ETI)​

Ro Naastepad (MOT) 

Aad Correlje (CoSEM/EPA)

Laurens Rook (MOT)

Energy and Industry (E&I)

Linda Kamp (CoSEM/EPA/MOT

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology (EFT)

Andrea Gammon (MOT) 

Information &  Communication Technology (ICT)

Topics: Open data, Information sharing, ICT & governance, Digital platforms, digitalization/digitization; data economy; digital business models; platform ecosystems; edge computing, IoT services, design of digital artefacts, Data-driven control and decision-making, Algorithms in public infrastructure, Distributed energy systems, AI ethics and governance, Algorithmic justice, Energy and carbon footprint of ICT and AI systems, Reinforcement learning, AI-Generated Media, computer security, network measurement, governance of ICT innovations, complex socio-technical system, public values, grounded theory, design science research, blockchain-based applications, Digital infrastructures, Blockchain, Governance, Compliance Monitoring, Circular Economy

Nadia Metoui (CoSEM/EPA/MOT)


Herman de Wolff (CoSEM/EPA) 


Policy Analysis (PA)

Topics: decision support, systems modelling (a.o. system dynamics, discrete event simulation), exploratory modelling, impact assessment, evaluation, adaptive decision making, participatory policy analysis, water management

Jos Timmermans (CoSEM/EPA) 

Organisation & Governance (OG)

Haiko van der Voort (EPA)

Thomas Hoppe (CoSEM/MOT)

Safety & Security Science (3S)

Topics: risk modelling, probabilistic safety analysis, Bayesian belief networks, game theory, process & nuclear safety, chemical clusters, fire safety, natural hazards, cascading effects, transport safety (road, rail, maritime), occupational safety, health, security, safety management, human factors, safety culture, safety behaviour, safety perception.

Eleonora Papadimitriou (CoSEM/EPA/MOT)

System Engineering & Simulation (SK)

Iulia Lefter (CoSEM/EPA)

Transport & Logistics (T&L)

Topics: Transport policy related research (e.g., impacts of policies, acceptance of policies), Transport innovations (e.g., acceptance, success and failure factors), Transport Choice Modelling, Travel behavior research (statistical modeling), Policy and decision-making evaluation tools (Multi Criteria Decision Making methods, Societal Cost Benefit Analysis, participatory evaluation methods), Freight transport issues, Supply chain management, Logistics, Artificial Intelligence

Natalia Barbour (CoSEM/EPA/MOT)


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