Dr. Y. (Yanan) Guo


I have joined ESS as a visiting PhD student in the resilience group. I have a background in agricultural policy (BSc from Northeast Agricultural University) and management science and engineering (MSc from Harbin Engineering University and now a PhD from Harbin institute of technology). I hope that my research on emergency coordination and risk information can be applied to practice in order to improve the efficiency and reduce costs.


My research interests involve in emergency and crisis management, disaster coordination. I have used social network, differential game to conduct research on inter-departmental emergency coordination. Focus on the government behavior cross organizations and multi-actor decision making. Now I am working on risk information in publi health emergencies-with a questionnaire and case study on Covis 19 in China.I believe this visiting will enhance my skills and contribute positively to research going on in those fields.

  • Qiang MAI, Xuechuan CHEN, Yanan GUO, Shi AN. Research on the mixed governance model of weapons and equipment development from the perspective of complexity science, Journal of Public Administration:1-18[2019-11-02].
  • Yanan GUO, Shi AN. Research on network relationship evolution of cooperative governance institutions - based on quantitative analysis of policy literature Presented at 3rd China conference on systems science,2019.
  • Yan SONG, Yanan GUO. Evolution and Influences of Social Risks by Food Safety Events in China, Book of Proceedings of the International Conference ‚ÄúCollaboration between China and Russia: One Belt One Road Initiative‚ÄĚ (September 11, 2017; Moscow University of Finance and Law, Moscow, Russia
  • Design of Public Governance Precision Strategy based on Multi-domain Data Aggregation and Integration, Major project of national natural science foundation of China. Granted NO. 91846301. (Participate in Public management big data statistical feature extraction and rule mining)
  • Research on Emergency Resources Dispatching Decision Support and the Realization of the Technical Project, National Key Research and Development Plan of China. Granted NO. 2018YFC0822804. (Participate in the study)

Yanan Guo

Visiting Phd student

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Research interests:
Disaster Management
Risk Communication