New Enrolment Process for UTQ/BKO courses and all TLS training courses

TLS is pleased to announce an easier self-enrolment process for all UTQ/BKO courses (including the Final Interview) and for our many blended and online training programmes.

If you are looking to improve your teaching, you can now find and enrol for all our training courses in a single place on, rather than trying to navigate the intranet.

TLS offers a range of workshops for campus, blended and online teachers, ranging from analysing your exams to presenting on camera.

In addition, we offer a formal BKO/UTQ qualification for all new teachers at TU Delft with less than 5 years of teaching experience. But the various sections of the programme are also open to other TU-teachers who wish to further develop their didactic qualities.

What does it entail?

The UTQ programme spans 4 courses (Develop, Supervise, Assess and Teach) and six learning objectives.
Each course helps you develop a specific teaching skill further, with practical exercises that you will apply during your teaching experiences.
•    In Develop, you will explore constructive alignment, how to develop good learning objectives and (re-)design a good course.
•    Assess builds on Develop to help rethink and (re-)align the formative and summative assessment tasks in your course/s,
     in addition to evaluating the strengths of the existing assessment tasks.
•    Teach focuses on the creation of more interactive classroom experiences that are aligned with your learning objectives.
•    Supervise provides tips and strategies to enhance your role as a supervisor, whether at BSc, MSc or PhD level.
•    Finally, you will wrap up your UTQ portfolio with the Final Proof and interview.

During Winter and Spring 2021, all UTQ courses will be held online

How do I sign up?

To proceed, you can read more about the programme requirements on the intranet here:

You will need to sign up for either Develop or Supervise first. Then, you can view the courses and their dates on our new enrolment platform: