Korting op online opleidingen voor alumni

Nieuws - 05 januari 2018 - Webredactie Communication

In het nieuwe jaar start de TU Delft met een mooi aanbod van online opleidingen. Speciaal voor alumni hebben we een cadeautje dat past in de tijd van goede voornemens: De eerste 100 alumni die zich inschrijven voor een van onderstaande opleidingen, ontvangen een korting van 175 euro (of 25%).

De opleidingen zijn in het Engels en worden aangeboden via het TU Delft online learning platform of via edX. Daarom is de rest van de informatie in het Engels.

Which online courses are included in the alumni discount?

Aeroelasticity is the interaction between structural dynamics and unsteady aerodynamic flow over the structure. It is an important area of study for two main reasons. First the interaction can lead to static or dynamic instabilities which can result in failure of the structure. Secondly the loads calculated using aero elastic simulations are significantly different for flexible structures. https://online-learning.tudelft.nl/courses/aeroelasticity/

Discount code alumni175

Aircraft Performance - Physics and Simulation
Aircraft performance is an exciting and challenging field that is continuously evolving. For example, by the year 2050, civil aircraft should have 75% less emissions than present day aircraft. This course dives into the physics and phenomena that determine aircraft performance to give you practical insights for real-world aircraft operations and development of future aircraft designs. https://online-learning.tudelft.nl/courses/aircraft-performance-physics-and-simulation/

Discount code alumni175

Non-linear Modelling
This course delivers the skill set in non-linear structural modelling & analysis in the framework of the finite element method that is required to solve problems from the engineering practice. The lectures and practicals impart both, practical experience with the modelling pipeline of commercial FE software and the theory fundamentals for the numerical approximation of non-linear engineering phenomena. https://online-learning.tudelft.nl/courses/non-linear-modeling/

Discount code alumni175

Offshore Wind Farm Technology - Design, Installation and Operation
Offshore wind energy is a fast growing renewable energy technology that is built upon the expertise of several engineering disciplines. Engineers who work in wind farm design, operation and maintenance must understand the various disciplines involved in order to meet energy production and cost reductions goals. https://online-learning.tudelft.nl/courses/offshore-wind-farm-technology-design-installation-and-operation/

Discount code alumni175

Rotor and Wake Aerodynamics
Rotor and wake aerodynamics are key to many applications such as helicopter and propeller rotors in transport and wind turbines for electricity generation. But rotors have a tendency to generate three-dimensional unsteady aerodynamic phenomena that are complex both to understand and to model. https://online-learning.tudelft.nl/courses/rotor-and-wake-aerodynamics/

Discount code alumni175

Data Analysis and Visualization - Professional Certificate Program (25% discount)
Advanced data analysis skills are highly sought by data-driven organizations who wish to harness data to improve business results. This program will help you become a resourceful and independent data analyst who can help organizations reach their goals. https://www.edx.org/professional-certificate/delftx-data-analysis-&-visualization-with-excel

Discount code DELFTX175
(please note that the discount cannot be applied to the bundled purchase, you will have to purchase and apply the discount code to each course individually)

How can you make use of this discount?

To register for these online courses, click READ MORE at the courses above. Please note that the courses have different registration deadlines, so make sure to check them. We have 100 alumni discounts to give away and these go on first-come-first-served basis. The discount is only for these specific courses, starting in Q1 2018.


  •          Go to the course and push the button “Start admission”.
  •          Fill in the registration form to activate an account on the website (or log-in with your existing account).
  •          Follow the instructions sent to you by email.
  •          Once you activated the account proceed with the admission process.
  •          Enter the discount code “alumni175” and press continue.
  •          You should upload a copy of your ID and for the online academic courses also a CV. As you are a TU Delft                   alumnus a transcript is not needed.
  •          Once your admission has been confirmed via email, you can complete the payment for the course.

For the Data Analysis and Visualization course this is slightly different and is the discount code: DELFTX175.
If you have any questions regarding this alumni discount, please contact us at alumnirelations@tudelft.nl