Anna Lukina DEWIS Award Winner!

Nieuws - 18 november 2022

The 2022 DEWIS Award Winner is Anna Lukina, Assistant Professor at the faculty of EEMCS. Anna Lukina created the mentorship program Future Female Faculty( F+cube). She identified the main career challenge for under-represented groups in computer science, and women are under-represented in computer science. Namely, there is a lack of access to the information, mentorship, and social network support which are crucial for advancing their career. To combat this problem, Anna created the (F+cube) mentorship program, which matches PhD students and postdocs from under-represented groups in computer science with faculty members from EEMCS at TU Delft. The F+Cube program has a clear potential to grow into an established recurring program at TU Delft as a beacon of university leadership in fostering diversity.

Anna Lukina and Rob Mudde

We are happy to announce that we had seven nominees from five faculties.

  1. Anna Lukina from the faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering,
  2. Axelle Viré and Sofia Teixeira De Freitas from the faculty of Aerospace Engineering,
  3. Csilla Buiting-Csikós from the faculty of Applied Sciences (QuTech),
  4. Elisa Giaccardi from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering,
  5. Elvin Karana from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering,
  6. Jenny Dankelman from the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science
  7. Vanessa Schaller and Emma Little, two Master students (nominated by the faculty of Aerospace Engineering)

All the candidates were exceptional. The TU Delft is proud of the efforts they make for gender equality and inclusion. At the same time choosing a winner for the DEWIS award was extremely difficult, given the richness and diversity of the proposals: all nominees show excellent performance.

The Award committee has had a difficult task of choosing; they decided to give a shared second place to Csilla Buiting-Csikós, Programme Manager at QuTech and Chair of the personnel committee (OdC) of QuTech and (Axelle Viré and Sofia Teixeira de Freitas), both Associate Professor at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering.

Csilla Buiting-Csikós has been awarded for her gender related work at QuTech. She is admired for her tenacity in bringing to the discussion table the importance of the different people of QuTech. She has been determined to make sure all voices are heard and has worked hard to initiate and facilitate the discussion around gender diversity, equity and inclusion at a QuTech-wide level.

Axelle Viré and Sofia Teixeira de Freitas have been awarded for their initiative to propose a Parental Fund for scientific staff at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. This Fund allows women during their maternity leave, and both women and men during their parental leave, to compensate for the loss of work-time during their maternity and parental absence.
We thank all the nominees for their work; we appreciate very much all you do.