Taking IoT to the Extreme

Nieuws - 04 september 2023

This August, TU Delft Associate Professor Dr. RR Venkatesha Prasad has presented on the subject Taking IoT to the Extreme to India’s NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India), the highest policymaking body for the whole country. Dr. Prasad met NITI Aayog’s Vice Chair Suman Berry and exchanged the best practices that TUDelft has to keep up its position as a leading technological university in the world.

In an interactive and thought-provoking session, he shared with the audience a captivating exploration into the remarkable world of systems that have some extreme characteristics. The session helped to bring together the audience to, engage, ponder, and envision the future possibilities that lie within the realm of extreme IoT.

Internet of Things (IoT) systems hold immense potential to benefit us even in applications that confront extreme limits. While the (IoT) has already revolutionized our interaction with technology by connecting everyday objects to the digital world, Dr. Venkatesha Prasad focused his lecture on going beyond conventional boundaries to dive deeper into the realm of extreme IoT, where limits are pushed and IoT thrives in environments with traditional constraints. Various factors were explored, including crucial factors such as battery life, longevity, delay, and the challenging environmental conditions in which these systems must operate. By challenging the status quo, novel solutions to overcome these hurdles can be found and thus unleash the true potential of sensors and radios. Dr. Venkatesha Prasad also presented real-world examples and research that demonstrates the transformative power of this field.