Nominate your colleague(s) for the DEWIS AWARD!

Nieuws - 11 oktober 2023

Yearly, DEWIS is presenting the DEWIS Award to the employee or group who makes an exceptional contribution to gender equity and gender diversity at TU Delft.

Since 2007, DEWIS handed out a yearly DEWIS-award for very talented female PhD students. The aim of the DEWIS-award changed, to make it more in line with what DEWIS stands for. And since 2020, the DEWIS Award has been given for a recognition of an individual or a group that has made an extraordinary contribution to realising an inclusive work environment and to increasing gender equity and gender diversity at TU Delft. The reward prize is 1000 euro. 

The 2023 DEWIS Award is presented by the Vice-Rector Magnificus during the annual DEWIS Symposium in December. 

Nominations are due 1 November 2023.