Scientific Staff

PhD Students


Past members

Dr Alice Cicirello, Associate Professor and Section Head (2020-2023)
Jan Koune, PhD candidate (2022-2023)
Christos Lathourakis, Research Assistant (2022-2023)
Dr Luca Marino, Research Associate (2022-2023)
Dr Filippo Giunta, Research Associate (2020-2021)
Dr João Barbosa, Research Associate (2020-2021)
Dr Tao Lu, Postdoctoral research fellow (2019-2022)


Mr Felipe Igea, University of Oxford (May 2023-June 2023)
Ms Francesca Marafini, University of Florence (May 2023-June 2023)
Dr Oindrila Kanjilal, Technical University of Munich (May 2023)
Kun Zhou, Tribology Research Institute, State Key Laboratory of Traction Power, Southwest Jiaotong University, 2020-2021
Mr Maroŝ Mojto, Visiting PhD student from Slovak University of Technology (May 2022-October 2022)