Macrolab / Stevinlaboratory

The Stevinlaboratory of the Department of Engineering Structures (ES) is comprised of Concrete Structure, Resources & Recycling, Railway Engineering, Pavement Engineering and Steel & Composite Structures.

In the Stevinlaboratory, researchers conduct experimental research, which is used to create and validate models and to compare experimental results with simulations. The Stevinlaboratory, also contracts research for (international) authorities, other research centers and commercial companies. The laboratory has an experienced support staff for the design and construction of tests and for the manufacturing and testing of test specimens and structures. The technicians use internally developed, customized control and measurement software. Because of the skilled technicians and the equipment of the Stevinlaboratory tests can be conducted on such a scale that they are often the largest in the Netherlands and sometimes in the world.

The Stevinlaboratory is divided in three separate halls each with their own overhead crane which can lift up to 10tons. Tests can be conducted here with dimensions up to 40m long, 20m wide and 8,5m high. The Stevinlaboratory has a high performance dynamic and static test floors as well as equipment to load statically and dynamically up to 10,000kN. Heavy duty "custom made" arrangements can be built by using special meccano subframe elements. An overview of the mechanical test equipment is available at

Other lab equipment includes but is no limited to:

  • 10 airconditioned rooms for various climates
  • A concrete molding workshop, concrete drilling and sawing workshop
  • 2D- and 3D DIC equipment to measure surface displacement
  • A drying room for wood
  • The Hexapod

The Macrolab / Stevinlaboratory is part of the Stevin Laboratory: Micro2Macro a NWO Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure.