Well Logging and Petrophysics

Open hole logging gives information on the properties of the materials around the boreholes, such as density and conductivity. From this, other properties like permeability can be obtained, which are critical to know in order to estimate the flowrate of ground water through the reservoir.

During installation of the wells open hole logging will take place in order to gain continuous subsurface measurements around the boreholes. These measurements give information about the properties of the materials, such as density and estimated porosity, that cannot be (directly) derived from the cores. This can however be correlated with the cores using depths measurements.

The intention is to gain as complete logs as possible from surface to the bottom of the wells at around 2.5km depth. As for the cores open hole logging is performed at three different locations: the producer (DEL-GT-01), the injector (DEL-GT-02) and the monitoring borehole DAPGEO-02. The first 500 m have been logged in the monitoring borehole.