The first idea of using geothermal heat in the TU Delft came, as most good ideas, to students during a student party in café het Noorden in 2008. Since then, we have been working on realising this idea.

Photo: In de buurt Delft

The geothermal research well was first imagined by a group of TU Delft students and alumni in 2008 and they called it the Delft Aardwarmte Project well (DAPwell). The aim was to provide TU Delft with a sustainable heat source through the realisation of a geothermal well on the campus, with the help of several partners from the energy industry. In 2009, ‘Foundation DAP’ acquired an exploration license for the Delft area, in which four geothermal wells of 2500 m depth have been realised by pioneering greenhouse companies Ammerlaan and Duijvestijn.

Eventually the Delft Aardwarmte Project was split into a commercial project and a foundation. The commercial project evolved into the consortium, Geothermie Delft, that will drill the doublet on campus. The foundation became Stichting DAP and continues its efforts to promote geothermal education and research in the Netherlands.