Campus geothermal project

The campus geothermal well offers a unique full scale research infrastructure of global relevance. This project will be the first geothermal system built including an extensive research infrastructure in the low-enthalpy energy range. Low-enthalpy (direct-use) geothermal systems produce water <100°C that can be used directly for domestic and horticultural heating. Equipped with a broad range of advanced technologies for monitoring and data acquisition, it will deliver essential information on processes affecting deep geothermal energy provision in sedimentary basins and give valuable insight into an operating geothermal system.

This infrastructure will provide the opportunity to develop technical solutions to issues currently limiting the use and operation of geothermal systems in the Netherlands in an urban environment. This contributes to a smooth transition to sustainable energy in a widespread manner in the Netherlands and beyond.

The geothermal well on campus is part of the Dutch Large Scale Research Infrastructure EPOS-NL that is funded by NWO. EPOS-NL is the Dutch contribution to the European Plate Observing System (EPOS), the Europe-wide infrastructure of geological sciences, geo-hazards and resources.

This project has joint aims of research and thermal energy production. It has been developed and will be operated by the Geothermie Delft (GTD) consortium, a cooperation between TU Delft, Aardyn, EBN and Shell Geothermal. More information on partners and the geothermal project can be found on the GTD website.

Preliminary Results

The second half of 2023 our team has been very busy acquiring samples and data during the drilling of the two campus geothermal wells. These numbers give some insight into the amount of information gathered.