Martinius, A.W.


  • MSc at Utrecht University, The Netherlands (sedimentology and palaeoecology of macrofauna invertebrates)   
  • PhD at Technical University of Delft (fluvial reservoir characterization)
  • My full time job is with Equinor ASA as Specialist Sedimentology and Stratigraphy. I am based in Trondheim, Norway


My research interests have focused on the sedimentology, stratigraphy and reservoir characterization of fluvial and shallow marine depositional systems and the potential effects of sedimentological heterogeneities at a variety of spatial scales on fluid flow. I am interested in understanding the 3D variability within modern and ancient sedimentary systems and relate that to controlling factors. This understanding, in combination with forward modelling simulations, is used to predict subsurface property distributions and related uncertainties.

Educational Activities

Responsible for courses:

  • AES1800 Exploration Geology (MSc, 1st year)
  • AES1820 Reservoir Characterization (MSc, 1st year)
  • AES3820 Production Geology (MSc, 1st year).
  • At Equinor ASA I am teaching field-based courses in reservoir characterization of fluvial, shallow-marine and deep-marine successions.

Key Publications

  • Martinius, A.W., Kaas, I., Næss, A., Helgesen, G., Kjærefjord, J.M. and Leith, D.A. (2001) Sedimentology of the heterolithic and tide-dominated Tilje Formation (Early Jurassic, Halten Terrace, offshore mid-Norway). In: Martinsen, O.J. and Dreyer, T. (Eds) Sedimentary Environments Offshore Norway - Paleozoic to Recent. Norwegian Petroleum Society Special Publications, 10, 103-144.
  • Martinius, A.W., Ringrose, P.S., Bostrøm, C., Elfenbein, C., Næss, A. and Ringås, J.S. (2005) Reservoir challenges of heterolithic tidal hydrocarbon fields (Halten Terrace, Mid Norway). Petroleum Geoscience Thematic Set, 11, 3-16
  • Keogh, K.J., Martinius, A.W. and Osland, R. (2007) The development of fluvial stochastic modelling in the Norwegian oil industry: a historical review, subsurface implementation and future directions. Special Issue Sedimentary Geology, 202, 249-268
  • Ringrose, P.S., Martinius, A.W. and Alvestad, J. (2008) Multiscale geological reservoir modelling in practice. In: The Future of Geological Modelling. Geological Society of London Special Publications, 309, 123-134
  • Martinius, A.W. and Gowland, S. (2011) Tide-influenced fluvial bedforms and tidal bore deposits (Late Jurassic Lourinhã Formation, Luisitanian Basin, Western Portugal). Sedimentology, 58, 285-324
  • Martinius, A.W., Hegner, J., Kaas, I., Bejarano, C., Mathieu, X. and Mjøs, R. (2012) Sedimentology and depositional model for the Early Miocene Oficina Formation in the Petrocedeño Field (Orinoco heavy-oil belt, Venezuela). Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology, 35, 354-380
  • Martinius, A.W., Fustic, M., Garner, D.L., Jablonski, B.V.J., Strobl, R.S., MacEachern, J.A. and Dashtgard, S.E. (2017) Reservoir characterization and multiscale heterogeneity modeling of inclined heterolithic strata formed by point bar rotation and relocation for bitumen-production forecasting, McMurray Formation, Corner, Alberta, Canada. Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology, 82, 336-361
  • Van den Berg, J.H., Martinius, A.W. and Houthuys, R. (2017) Breaching and deposits of turbidity currents in fluvial and estuarine channels: examples from outcrop and core and implications to reservoir models. Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology, 82, 178-205


PROMS aims to improve the prediction of 3D subsurface architecture, properties, and heterogeneities by combining process modelling with sedimentological and stratigraphic knowledge. We combine insights from numerical forward process modelling of sedimentary systems with those from subsurface, outcrop and Holocene sedimentary records.

Other Activities

Co-editor for Petroleum Geoscience
Co-editor of the following special publications: 

  • Martinius, A.W., Ravnås, R., Howell, J.A., Steel, R.J. and Wonham, J. (Eds) From Depositional Systems to Sedimentary Successions on the Norwegian Continental Margin. International Association of Sedimentologists Special Publications 46, 2014
  • Martinius, A.W., Howell, J.A. and Good, T.R. (Eds) Sediment Body Geometry and Heterogeneity: Analogue Studies for Modelling the Subsurface. Geological Society of London Special Publications 387, 2014
  • Cullum, A. and Martinius, A.W. (Eds) ‘52 Things You Should Know About Palaeontology’. AgileLibre, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2014
  • Cullum, A. and Martinius, A.W. (Eds) ’52 More Things You Should Know About Palaeontology’. AgileLibre, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2017
  • Fraticelli, C.M., Martinius, A.W., Markwick, P. and Suter, J.R. Latitudinal Controls on Stratigraphic Models and Sedimentary Concepts. Society for Sedimentary Geology Special Publications 108, 2018


Martinius, A.W. and Van den Berg, J.H. (2011) Atlas of sedimentary structures in estuarine and tidally-influenced river deposits of the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt system: Their application to the interpretation of analogous outcrop and subsurface depositional systems. EAGE, Houten, The Netherlands, 298 p. ISBN: 978-90-73834-11-8.

Part-time Professor in Petroleum Geology