The Department of Hydraulic Engineering generates and dissiminates academic knowledge in an internationally highly acknowledged Dutch tradition. The aim is to solve present-day social problems, such as the reduction of flood risks and the development of coastal zones. Not only typical lowland-related problems, such as dike failure and evacuation in case of floodings are dealt with, but also global phenomena, like sea level rise and highly populated coastal areas. Furthermore, the department treats the behaviour of fluids, offshore technology, design of hydraulic structures and logistics of harbours and waterways. To support finding innovative solutions, own advanced experimental facilities and computational models are being used.In an ever-changing environment our curiosity is triggered to study the underlying processes, in order to find sustainable solutions and to educate future generations. The department closely cooperates with industry. In many sections staff of various companies work also part-time for the department of hydraulic engineering. A list of companies with staff at the department is available

The department exists of the following research and organizational sections.

Departmental Support