Offshore Engineering

The Offshore Engineering group conducts applied and fundamental research of value to the offshore engineering community. Alongside the research activities, the group is strongly involved in education within the Offshore and Dredging Engineering interfaculty curriculum. Both the research and education are carried out in close cooperation with the energy-oriented companies focused on the offshore developments.

The research mission of the group is to provide mechanics-based tools and solutions to offshore engineering challenges. The focus of the research is placed on the integral modelling and design of offshore structures under various loads such as wind, waves, currents and ice. Currently on the frontline are the research projects associated with the deep water challenges, developments in the Arctic and expansion of the offshore wind sector.

The educational mission of the group is to educate Offshore Engineers who will be in high demand at the energy-focused companies working with oil, gas and renewable energy. We accomplish this by providing the students with a strong fundamental background, applied knowledge and direct and indeed very active contacts with the industry.