Offshore Engineering research projects/themes

Underwater Acoustic Simulation Tools
The Underwater Acoustic simulation tools developed by our research team are accessible at You can freely request our stand-alone software packages and algorithms for the research and education purposes.

Arctic Engineering

  • Ice-induced vibration [1]
  • Ice-vessel interaction [1,2]
  • Numerical modeling of ice and ice structure interactions

Offshore Wind

  • Soil-structure interaction at offshore wind support structures [1,2]
  • Coupled dynamics of offshore wind turbines [1]
  • Non-linear dynamics of a slip joint connection for offshore wind turbines [1]
  • Application of fluid power technology for offshore wind turbines [1]
  • Underwater noise mitigation for offshore pile-driving [1]

Riser dynamics

  • Vortex-induced vibration
  • Pipeline dynamics 
  • Dynamics and stability of deep water risers during J-lay [1]

Identification and monitoring

  • Prediction of fatigue from operational vibrations [1]
  • Dynamic force identification [1]
  • Optimal experiment design
  • Identification of ice loads

Dynamic soil-structure interaction

  • Dynamics of coupled linear-nonlinear systems in the time domain
  • Soil-structure interaction at offshore wind support structures [1,2]

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